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New problem with forms from mobile devices
By: Mark Joerger
at: 17-06-2015 08:58pm
I'm getting complaints just in the last few days from site visitors that forms submitted from their mobile devices aren't getting thru. I've verified this from my smart phone -- the user never sees the security check page and the form never goes thru. Submitting the form from a desktop/laptop works fine.

I have submitted a ticket. Anyone else having this problem?
By: Mark Joerger
at: 30-06-2015 04:55am
Waiting twelve days now for response to "Ticket #3815 - Mobile devices cannot submit form". I can't believe I'm the only one with this problem. Is there any hope or should I just scrap your code and find another solution??
By: admin
at: 30-06-2015 07:25am
We are extremely sorry for that. A reply was posted for your previous ticket. Has it resolved it?

By: Mark Joerger
at: 01-07-2015 04:25am
Yes, your solution has been implemented and I can now receive forms from mobile devices again. Thank you!
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