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Webroot Security
By: Michael Kamali
at: 31-07-2015 08:20pm
Webroot has assigned your site as a security treat. People can not complete my form because webroot stops them. I have a screen image.
I called webroot and tried to convince them that my site is safe; they say the form is not safe.
By: Michael Kamali
at: 31-07-2015 08:31pm
My form is here:

This is what I get when trying to sumit my form:

Webroot says you have to clear your forms and site with all security software companies including webroot, otherwise, they will display this warning.

Any suggestions?
By: Alan
at: 03-08-2015 06:48pm
If someone lands on your error page you might like to add a link to go back.
<form method="post" enctype="text/plain" action=""><input type="button" value=" Back " onclick="history.go(-1)"/></form>

I filled out your form by entering "test" to every field. I filled out the Captcha box. It appears to have been sent okay. Used Chrome. Presumably you fixed it?
By: Michael Kamali
at: 03-08-2015 06:55pm
No I have not fixed it.
Those people who have Webroot software, receive an error message like this:

They said that you must contact them to clear this problem, because then they will share this with other virus detector companies and block your forms completely.

Their Telephone: USA 1-800-870-8102
By: admin
at: 03-08-2015 06:59pm
We are trying to contact them to resolve this as soon as possible.

By: Michael Kamali
at: 19-08-2015 05:30pm
Webroot still lists as unsafe and send site visitors to another page:

Their Telephone: USA 1-800-870-8102

Please contact them to remove your site from their threat list.
By: Alan
at: 20-08-2015 07:50am
Did they say WHY it was a security threat?

Here's a thought:
On my contact page,
When the user presses "Send", the next page is the security code entry page on a SECURE page. Secure, because it starts with https://
By: Alan
at: 20-08-2015 11:22am
Webroot message obtained: see


The exact URL for the domain is not blocked by our cloud database, however some of the sub-domains appear to be blocked as it looks like some malicious content is hosted on there.

We would need to obtain some diagnostic logs from the machine experiencing the issue to determine whether the block is legitimate or not and if it's not legitimate we can have it removed.

We would like to gather more information with our specialized log gathering utility, wsalogs, which will greatly expedite the diagnosis and repair of the problem. Once you have completed the following instructions, please let us know that the logs are available to review.

Below are the steps to gather this data:

1. Download Webroot's log-gathering utility from the following link:

2. Save the file to your Desktop (or the preferred Download folder of your web browser).

3. Once it has finished downloading, double-click the wsalogs.exe file on your Desktop to run it.

4. In the box labeled "Email:", enter the same email address you used for this support site.

5. Click the "Go!" button to begin the log gathering process.

Expect the utility to take between 1 to 10 minutes to gather the necessary information. The run time depends on various factors on your computer, including the size of the Webroot software logs and the compression speed of the computer. This utility is designed to gather extended logs from the Webroot software and basic system information.

Your privacy is very important to us. All information gathered is in accordance with Webroot's Privacy Policy and will only be used to expedite the identification and resolution of the issue reported. You can view our Privacy Policy here:

The utility will gather the necessary information and will attempt to return it automatically via a secure dropbox connection (please allow PSCP.exe through your firewall, if asked). A copy of the logs will also be present on your Desktop, named in the following fashion "wsalogs_email@you.set_date-time.7z". The utility will then attempt to return you to this web page; please leave a message letting us know you have sent the requested logs.

Thank you,

Webroot Technical Support
By: admin
at: 20-08-2015 12:04pm
@Alan: We have contacted Brightcloud, their primary classification database provider to make the corrections. This thread will be updated as soon as we receive a response from them.

By: admin
at: 20-08-2015 01:46pm
We have received a reply from them:


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have examined the URL's and found that the website was incorrectly blocked due to a false positive.
We have updated our back end database to address this issue.

This change will be automatically updated on the users end when the next scheduled scan completes.

Let us know if these actions have not resolved the issue.

Best regards,
Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Support

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