free form to email: unlimited by mailjol
at: 22-07-2023 09:59pm
For anyone wanting to transfer away to an actual working email processor and captcha. I suggest Formspark coupled with Botpoison. This services is clearly defunct.
By: Mark J
at: 23-07-2023 07:08pm
As an alternative, I've found it easy to convert my custom forms over to

The service is free, no-frills, unlimited, supports file submission, and includes reCaptcha.
By: Mark J
at: 23-07-2023 10:23pm
I set up a test form on Formspark and my Malwarebytes popped up and blocked my first test submission due to suspicious behavior on the site. That seems like a fail to me. Never had that with allforms and haven't seen it with formsubmit. Will keep looking...
By: ITIcomputers
at: 24-07-2023 08:05pm
Yup, same for me. Blocked by AV.
By: Michael
at: 18-08-2023 04:52pm
I abandoned Allforms some time ago and went over to This does not offer form processors but allows you to create entire forms which aidaform then processes for you. The free service works well and it is possible to create multiple accounts if you wish form submissions for different websites to be delivered to different addresses.
By: Douglas Edmiston
at: 05-09-2023 04:22pm
That's odd, the antivirus/malwarebytes problem. I have norton, and am not having any issues.

MARK: Do you know if you have the ability to attach files to "" submissions? You could with AllForms, and that's something that I can't do with
By: Douglas Edmiston
at: 05-09-2023 04:43pm
MARK: I'm noticing too that with formsubmit each form has to be verified by the receiver, which I couldn't rely on my clients to do sadly.
By: Douglas Edmiston
at: 05-09-2023 04:49pm
ITICOMPUTERS: Does allow for file submissions?
By: Aartvark Graphics
at: 05-09-2023 04:51pm
IPICOMPUTERS: Never mind. I just answered my own question
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