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We provide free form to email with auto-responders and other form handling services which are feature rich and yet easy to use for both novice web users and experienced web designers. Feedback forms, Contact forms, Order forms, Signup forms, Survey forms, Questionnaires, Project forms, Application forms, File upload forms etc, all are supported here. Even if you don't have a form, you can create online using our Easy Form Creator. No programming knowledge required.
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No Ads: We do not place any type of advertisements on your forms. This makes sure that your site looks as beautiful as you want it to be and those surfing it do not get annoyed by popups and flashing signboards as it happens with some other free form providers.
Unlimited: There is neither any limit on the number and types of questions in your forms nor on the number of hits or submits your form receives. We support all types of form fields defined in HTML: Textboxes, Text areas, Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Drop downs, File upload boxes etc.
Send to many: Both Free and Plus users can choose different e-mail addresses for their different forms. But facility of receiving your form data on multiple e-mail addresses is available only to Plus members.
Unlimited Forms: Plus users can create virtually unlimited number of forms & form processors and conveniently manage them from a single account. Free users can also create multiple forms in their account but there is maximum limit placed to prevent abuse.
Easy Form Creator: As the name suggests our JavaScript based WYSIWYG online form creator is really easy to use. Novice users can create nice looking ready to use forms with it in just few minutes. The created forms can be accessed directly or their codes can be edited and copy pasted onto your web pages.
Use your own forms: We do not restrict our members to use only the forms built using our creator. You can have your own simple or sophisticated forms created using your favorite tools like MS FrontPage or Dreamweaver and still process them through our system.
SPAM Protection: We protect your inbox from spam mail generated out of junk submissions of your form by using techniques like captcha (image verification) & content filtering.
Easy Management: Our form administration panel allows you to easily create, manage, change settings or view submissions of all your forms without any hassles. We have tried our best to keep the user interface clean, easy and self explanatory.
Data Storage: All the data submitted through your forms is also securely stored under your account and is easily accessible whenever you need it. This makes sure that even if you lose out some of your e-mails or delete them from your inbox, you can still retrieve your form data from your account here. The number of days for which our service stores data for different types of accounts is shown on the right. 365 30
Export: Plus members can export or download multiple submissions in HTML or CSV formats which can be either kept as archives or imported again in SQL databases or Excel.
Customizable auto-responders: You can completely customize the thank-you or acknowledgement mail which can be automatically sent to the person submitting your form. Apart from its subject and body, you can also change its "From:" address.
HTML auto-responders: Apart from plain text thank-you mails, Plus users also have the ability for format their auto-responders in HTML with nice tables or linked images to give them a professional look.
File Uploads: Your forms can have file upload boxes allowing your visitors to submits files, images etc through your forms. This is specially useful for application forms which ask for resumes or documents of any type. Maximum total size of files which can be received in a single submission is shown on the right for paid and free accounts. 8 MB 3 MB
File Attachments: If some files are submitted along with your form, by default we store it on our server under your account and insert a link in the form submission e-mail to download that file. With our Plus accounts, we also send those submitted files as attachment with the form e-mail so that there is no need to visit our site to download them.
Secure Forms: We also support 256-bit secure form processing. SSL encryption enables you to accept sensitive information like personal or financial details, bank information etc through your forms.
Custom E-mail Formats: Using this advanced feature you can design your own layout for the form submission e-mails if you are not satisfied with the default plain text and html formats. Web designers really love this feature of ours.
Non-English Forms: Our system supports all forms created using UTF-8 character set which means multilingual and Asian character forms should work fine. This feature is continuously being improved upon for better accessibility.
Support: 24x7 fast e-mail support plus live support at various hours in a day. You can expect nothing short of to the point comprehensive answers to all your queries.
Reliability: We have taken extreme care to choose only best & trustworthy hosting platforms for running our services. We use highly reliable servers with 99.99% uptime & backups.
Price: Obviously the free account is always free. It costs just $10.72 per year i.e. less than a dollar per month for extra features, more flexibility and priority support through a Plus account. You can also signup for a free account and easily upgrade later from your account panel. $10.72
  + There are many more minor and major undocumented benefits passed onto Plus members.
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