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By: admin
at: 17-04-2014 02:00am
Our system might present you with an error about form limits while trying to create new form/processors. This is because we place a soft limit on the number of forms/processors under a account to prevent abuse. Our paid users can always get this limit increased for free by contacting us if all the forms/processors under your allForms account belong to the same person/firm/organization etc.

In case you are a web designer, developer or a host who creates forms for others and uses his/her own allForms account to process them, we consider you a reseller of our services and sell you resources at $10 per 25 forms/processors per year. Your regular allForms Plus membership allots you the first 25. You can purchase additional form slabs as per your requirements.

If you have reached your account limits, please contact us with some explanation on the usage of your allForms account and if you don't fall in the reseller criteria, we will raise your account limits for free. Otherwise you will be advised and assisted in purchasing additional form slabs from us.

(Our free users can always choose to upgrade their account for limitless usage.)

By: Sally Fox
at: 18-06-2014 01:44pm
I have a form labeled Mattson Grocery List. The last two forms submitted, dated June 13 and today June 18 did not go to my email. The form is for a couple in the 90's to reach me for a grocery delivery. Do I have a limit on forms I can have?
By: Douglas Edmiston
at: 15-06-2016 02:29am
I have reached the 25 form processor limit for a reseller. I am already paying the the $10.00 a year fee, but now would like to upgrade to a package that gives me more than 25.
By: Douglas Edmiston
at: 15-06-2016 02:31am
I am a web designer, and although I don't charge my clients for the forms, I guess technically I would still fall into the re-seller category. I would like to up my 25 yearly to 50.
By: admin
at: 15-06-2016 01:40pm
@Douglas Edmiston: Thanks for clarifying & your continued business. The form limits have of your account have been raised now and a invoice for the same has been generated under your account.

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