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Form doesn't work on my website
By: Trevor Johnson
at: 16-04-2016 07:55pm
Hi, I've only just joined and very pleased so far and ready to pay for pro version. First, is there a reason why pasting the code into my contact page brings up the form but it doesn't work? I.e. when you press the submit button, nothing happens. I am using WYSIWYG web builder but as I say the form shows up o.k.. It works from the link on the form creation page and if I use a link to it on my page, that works too and redirects to my contact success page when submitted. Any reason ?
Thanks, Trevor.
By: Trevor Johnson
at: 16-04-2016 07:57pm
Forgot the url
By: admin
at: 17-04-2016 05:59am
That is most likely due to character-set mis-match as your form has non-latin characters. What is the URL of your contact form where you pasted the code?

By: Trevor Johnson
at: 17-04-2016 08:49am
Thank you for your reply. It seems to be working now and I have 'gone pro'. It is a Spanish site and also a text site so I will do some experimentation, put the form onto the 'real' site and get back if there are any problems.
Thanks agin,
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