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3 forms out of 6 not working
By: Melanie
at: 27-07-2016 04:44pm
Hello all, I have submitted a ticket yesterday, no response. I had 3 forms hosted for a while, working properly. I created 3 more this week, and they are not working. I have checked everything against what I previously did and there are no apparent errors. I need help ASAP, please help. Has something changed recently?
Here are the forms that do not work:

verses the ones that ARE working:

all the form processors on all forms are formatted the exact same way.
Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I am going cross-eyed looking for a solution, HELP!
By: admin
at: 27-07-2016 04:46pm
What exactly isn't working? Are the forms not submitting at all?

By: Melanie
at: 27-07-2016 04:50pm
The form goes directly to the "failure" page link and I receive no email regarding the inquiry.
By: Melanie
at: 27-07-2016 04:58pm
I should also tell you, this morning, I deleted the Auto Insurance Questionnaire" on all forms and recreated it to see if there would be any difference. There was no change, still failure.
By: admin
at: 27-07-2016 05:01pm
Take for instance this form:

In the settings you have marked the field "Name" as mandatory. But the corresponding input box in your form is titled: "Name " (note the space after it).

<input type="text" id="FormsEditField1" name="Name " size="45" maxlength="45" style="white-space: pre; width: 356px;">

Correct such errors for the form fields which you have marked as required.

By: Melanie
at: 27-07-2016 05:07pm
Holy Moly! I cannot thank you enough! I needed that other set of eyes on it! You are the greatest!
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