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Can we rescue allForms? Or at least help?
By: Bert
at: 04-11-2017 08:32pm
Judging from the forum, allForms looks like a dead project, although it keeps working perfectly fine for web forms.
I submitted a ticket about ten days ago: no reply.

Although I'm a new customer, I really like the way allForms looks and behaves.
There can be many reasons for allForms team to disappear from the forum: illness, death, fatigue after answering the same questions for so many years, financial troubles, etc...

If the reason is financial problems, which wouldn't surprise me, given it's a free or very affordable service, I propose we happy customers group can come to the rescue.

It would be very nice to have an open communication among users and allForms staff, to see if we can help. I am sure many of us are eager to help this beautiful project.

By: Clive Page
at: 07-11-2017 06:02pm
I agree - a great pity if those who used to support it have lost interest. And I'd be happy to join in any user support group...
By: Bert
at: 07-11-2017 08:18pm
Thank you very much Clive.
It was nice to read your reply.
Maybe we're the start of a user support group.

The notification email I received because of your reply had an encouraging note:

========================== PLEASE NOTE ===========================
We deeply apologize for the limited availability of our support
staff in past few months. Due to the huge amount of abuse allForms
was being targeted at, we were engaged in keep your forms UP 100%
of the time and we have been successful in it. With some
additional measures, we have abuse in control now and our support
is back on track to assist our users.

Live chat support has been reinstated on allForms. When our
support staff is online, a "Live Support" icon will appear on the
top-left of all our pages and you can chat with us by clicking on
it. We will be trying to reply to all your pending queries and
complaints as swiftly as possible in the coming days and can't
thank you enough for your patience and co-operation.

-allForms Team

Thanks again,
By: Adela
at: 12-07-2021 07:27am
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