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How do I make sure that my form data travels securely all the time?
By: admin
at: 27-10-2009 08:29pm
This answer applies to PLUS members only and needs some understanding of how allForms and forms in general work.

First of all you have make sure that you are using the:

URL provided for your forms and form processors. If you created your form using allForms Easy Form Creator and embedded the form onto your website using the provided HTML codes, make sure that in the codes you replace:

with the equivalent secure (https://) URL as shown above to make your form is ready for processing through SSL.

This will make sure that when the user clicks the submit button of your form, data gets encrypted before being sent to allForms servers for processing. allForms emails this data to addresses selected in your form settings. But world-over email is a plain text unencrypted protocol. Its better not to receive data in email when you are conscious about the security and encryption of data. Free users can uncheck all email addresses in your form settings and periodically visit allForms site to view new submissions. Plus users have the option to select "Secure E-mail" in the email format option of their form/processor which instructs the system to send a link to view the data securely on allForms site instead of sending the data it in the form mail itself.

For further clarifications, please reply back to this post.

By: Pam Huggins
at: 29-07-2012 03:52pm
Need form to redeem a voucher from Living Social.
By: Darlene Yancey
at: 01-08-2012 01:59pm
I need a form for my living social voucher
By: admin
at: 09-09-2012 04:41am
@Pam, @Darlene: I am afraid you are probably on wrong website. We have nothing to do with "Living Social".

By: Maalebo Pilane
at: 05-06-2013 07:52am
By: Monica Andersson
at: 03-03-2014 12:21pm
Will you please stop sending information about you in my mail. When I am going to replay any mail I see your information. Will you please stop sending me information. I donĀ“t want anything from you, so will yoy please stop interrupting my mailbox.

Monica Andersson
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