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1. We actively monitor the use of our services. You are allowed to use it for any productive use but no illegal activity or account abuse will be tolerated.
2. Any fraudulent activity such as the use of fake login forms of popular sites like Yahoo, Ebay, PayPal etc to the steal personal information of people will be considered as a criminal act. The account indulging in such acts will be immediately disabled.
3. This service is meant to act as a form processor. Any intentional abuse, overuse or use of our services for any other purpose is against our TOS. Such accounts will be immediately disabled/banned.
4. You understand that we record your public & proxy IP address and other such public information. In case you were found to be using our services for illegal purposes such as hacking, cracking, spamming, phishing, fraud etc; we will share this information with concerned policing agencies & will actively support their investigation.
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